Time to start blogging

Finally, I have a time to publish my first post on my first personal blog, heh.

In fact I don not have much experience with blogging or publishing in internet but I’m going to try it.

Maybe at the very beginning I will write few words about myself and my experience with virtualization.
My adventure with virtualization was started in 2006 with Microsoft Product product called VirtualPC. I was looking for solution which would help me to build simple laboratory at office. Unfortunately VirtualPC wasn’t what I was looking for (mainly because doesn’t supporting Novell Netware 6 and above) and then I’d found Vmware Workstation. After a few days I said “Yes, this is it”  since then I “get in love” into virtualization.

Currently I’m working in Brno, Czech Republic as a Vmware Administrator mainly playing with virtualization projects across my company customers.

So, summarizing, I have some experience in virtualization area and I would like to share it with community. I hope I would find someone who wants read it 🙂 and comment it.


About Artur Krzywdzinski

Nutant | Virtualization and cloud geek | Consulting Architect @ Nutanix| VCDX 077 | vExpert 2012-2015 | dad | married to @AKrzywdzinska | live in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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