About me

My name is Artur Krzywdzinski and currently I work as contractor for one of the biggest European Bank in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, as a Virtualization Engineer.  Like most of the professionals you can find me on LinkedIN portal

Writing posts on my blog I would like to share my experience regarding virtualization  with community. My experience based mainly on VMware virtualization  products. I choose domain http://www.vmwaremine.com because I’m getting new experiences in virtualization every day, every day I discover something new, something exciting which is proving that if you want to solve a problem or find the best solution for yourself or your customer you have to reach very “deep” into your experience, into documentation, best practices, internet resources. This same like in mine, i.e. goldmine – if you want to find the biggest nugget usually you would have to dig very deep. VMWARE mine – Mine of knowledge about virtualization.

I hope that anyone who’s visiting my blog will find some interested topics.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed anywhere on this blog are only mine and not the opinions and views of my employer or VMware.